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The Dedication of Many

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October 25, 2020 | By Karen Sarkis and TRPIL

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"My name is Karen Sarkis, and I have had the pleasure of working on TRPIL’s 5K committee over the course of the past several years. I have been instrumental in planning the event in our weekly meetings leading up to the April/May event and have personally volunteered to help set up and run the event as well. At the event itself I set up the booths and vendor tables, manage the gift baskets, and much more.

Just recently, I have begun soliciting potential sponsors for the event, giving organizations such as Goodyear and area restaurants like Wendy’s, the opportunity to support the work that TRPIL does each day.

It is consistently my great pleasure to work on the 5K Walk*Run*Roll with TRPIL and on the Capital Campaign committee. My sister has a disability and that is why am so passionate about TRPIL and the work it does! I have met many of TRPIL’s staff, who have disabilities, and appreciate their dedication to their work. They put the consumers first, and advocate for their rights.

I have worked long hours promoting the agency and seeing the positive results it yields. Some of the results include appropriate health care being provided to a person with a disability, transportation issues being resolved, and people finding jobs."

Kylie Fuller from Range Resources has been involved with TRPIL for years. She volunteered to be on the 5K Committee and provides great support by obtaining sponsorships. Ed, vice president of BABB, Inc., has personally visited TRPIL consumers and provided much-needed accessible equipment. Jim has met with consumers with dementia and held meaningful conversations with consumers. He has also personally purchased furniture and laundry equipment for someone who did not have anything. Furthermore David, another volunteer, is donating a stair glide for someone’s home and paying for the correct installation. Displays of generosity such as this are happily commonplace: a motorized wheelchair was donated one day by Kim and was distributed the same day to a person in need.

TRPIL is fortunate to have many dedicated volunteers for the Capital Campaign as well as Faith in Action. Those people are unsung heroes that week after week donate thousands of hours to assist people who wish to stay independently in their home. Volunteers for Faith In Action include Sandy, who visits some people who are lonely; Patty, who goes to the food bank and delivers groceries to several participants; Ray, who cuts grass in the summer for a number of people. Peter, who walked a dog and Helen, who takes people to a doctor’s appointments.

TRPIL appreciates those who volunteer and serve.