Philanthropy, in its many forms, is an act of giving that is straight from the heart.

With this in mind, we are pleased to welcome you to the Heart of Giving Charity Storybook website, a project of the Washington County Community Foundation.

How much do you know about the diverse charities that are helping to make an impact in Washington County? You may be surprised by the stories that will touch your heart.


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Discovering Peace of Mind

May 01, 2023 | By Megan Fabyonic | Watchful Shepherd USA

Her husband was back. It was the middle of the night, and Sara* felt her heart begin pounding with anxiety. As he tore her out of bed, she thought about the blanket she hid outside. No phone, no one else awake, just darkness. Once he locked that door, there was nothing she could do.   

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There's No Place Like Hope

January 04, 2023 | By Dorothy Tecklenburg | CASA for Kids, Inc

When Washington County Senior Judge Kathy Emery thinks back to the late 1990’s, she remembers Tasha Lanham and suggests the child’s story motivated people to do something different, something better.

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