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Santana's Rescue

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July 12, 2018 | By South Hills Pet Rescue and Rehabilitation Resort

Santana Cropped

When we found him, you could count his ribs and see the pain in his eyes.  It was no way for an animal to live.

After five years of abuse, all Santana knew was a life of deprivation.  Even his most basic needs were not being met.  His water bowl was filled with an unidentifiable liquid.  His food bowl was empty.

He needed help, and we came to his rescue.

At South Hills Pet Rescue, our focus is to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home dogs of all breeds and all needs.

After spending some time with us, Santana quickly recuperated.  Feeling loved and well cared for, he had a new lease on life.

Santana 2 Cropped

Some translations of the name Santana mean “saint-like,” and it was with a saint-like temperament that this dog patiently waited for a loving home.  Thankfully, it was not long before he found his forever family.  Now, Santana spends his days relaxing on a plush carpet while bonding with his fellow fur siblings.  Hope is what we give to the many poor and defenseless animals that find their way to our shelter.

Our hearts are full when we receive and can share “after” pictures of the pets that we have placed.  Seeing them healthy and happy is a reward in itself.  For animals like Santana, who have experienced such dark days, there is nothing better than knowing they have found the love of a family.