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Casa Little Girl


There's No Place Like Hope

January 04, 2023 | By Dorothy Tecklenburg | CASA for Kids, Inc

When Washington County Senior Judge Kathy Emery thinks back to the late 1990’s, she remembers Tasha Lanham and suggests the child’s story motivated people to do something different, something better.

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Casa Little Boy


An Unusual Love Story

January 04, 2023 | By Dorothy Tecklenburg | CASA for Kids, Inc

When you were a child, did you have enough to eat? Did you wake up feeling safe? Did you have parents or grandparents you could count on? If so, you were lucky. Zack didn’t have any of that.

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Hf H Completed Home


“I Owe Everything Good in My Life to Habitat for Humanity”

September 09, 2021 | By Mark Twyford | Habitat for Humanity -Washington County

The Jeremy Bonus story began like many others. As he transitioned from boy to man, he found himself working long hours for little pay. Living with his wife in one tiny room in the home of his in-laws, Jeremy learned that the room in question was about to get a lot tinier – he was going to be a father.

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Food Helpers Large Png1



July 26, 2021 | By | Greater Washington County Food Bank

For millennia, people have asked a universal question. “What is my responsibility to my fellow humans?” Maybe it’s as simple as the word itself: response-ability, the ability to respond.

During the pandemic, people needed access to food. Four Washington county heroes answered that call. They prefer to be called volunteers, but they are heroes nonetheless. They had the ability to respond, and they did, and along the way discovered unexpected benefits at the Greater Washington County Food Bank.

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Blueprints Ashmore Family


Go Fish!

October 25, 2020 | By Todd Ashmore | Blueprints

"The 'teach a person to fish' approach is one that my family buys into because the educational investment is a life-long skill."

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Bradford House Galligan


Elizabeth's Experience at The Bradford House

October 25, 2020 | By Elizabeth Galligan | Bradford House Historical Association

"The Bradford House became the one place where I could escape every problem I had, and helping with events became very therapeutic for me."

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