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Melvin And Diane Krek Use This Cropped


Sharing Music

June 10, 2019 | By Adam Shaffer | Washington Symphonic Orchestra

Melvin Krek had been in UPMC Shadyside Hospital for over a month. He was undergoing intensive chemotherapy for leukemia and didn’t have much to do. To keep his mind occupied, he’d often listen to the local radio station WJPA. When he heard an ad for the Washington Symphony Orchestra, Melvin’s interest piqued. 

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WSO Homegrown 1


Practice Makes Permanent

February 28, 2017 | By Pamela M. Murphy, WSO Board Member | Washington Symphonic Orchestra

Melissa Collins was born with cataracts and glaucoma and had her first cataract surgery at three months of age. Now in her 30's, she has been legally blind her entire life. But that, along with a list of other disabilities, doesn't stop or even slow this music lover down.

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