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It’s All Good

October 16, 2017 | By Steven Shrenkel | American Cancer Society

Norm Randa had never felt anything was wrong. He had been working for the past eight years driving a school bus. When he wasn't working, he spent time with his family and friends, and he took care of his wife who was diagnosed with lung cancer and neuropathy in 2011. She needed help with her daily life, but he still managed to find time for everything.

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A Relay for Hope

October 09, 2017 | By Steven Shrenkel | American Cancer Society

Growing up in Chartiers-Houston, Pennsylvania, Lynette Kunkle has been through a lot in her lifetime. Throughout these experiences, though, there was one thing that never changed: the importance of family.

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American Cancer Society Stories



Winning the Fight

March 21, 2017 | By Steven Shrenkel | American Cancer Society

Betty Papp lived a very healthy lifestyle. She didn't smoke or drink. She always took care of her body by exercising and eating right. Cancer never ran in her family so she never considered the possibility that she would ever develop it.

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