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Who is Beverly?

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March 24, 2016 | By Washington County Community Foundation


Beverly is a muse, an inspiration, a catalyst. Beverly is a child who went without.

One day, at just 11 years of age, Beverly shared a sad but honest fact: she never had a birthday party – not even her own slice of cake. And in reality, she was not alone. The luxury of a simple birthday celebration is a distant fantasy for families in crisis who do not have access to even the most basic necessities. But in that confession, that moment, she lit a fire that has helped to bring joy to many children in need across our region.

Megs Yunn was Beverly's confidante. So moved by this young girl's situation, Megs created a charity that works to provide a little respite and a little cheer to local homeless and low-income children. It could have been called anything, but this organization was named "Beverly's Birthdays" in honor of the person who inspired it all.

Kids who are struggling want for all kinds of things -- food, shelter, clothing, and love. With such demands taking precedence, it can be easy to overlook that they are children who also need happiness, fun, and an escape from the harsh realities of their everyday lives.

Through its parties and celebrations, Beverly's Birthdays does much, much more than provide cake and presents to children in need. It offers a bright spot of hope and a happy memory for young lives that may otherwise be shrouded in darkness.

And now, through her story, a little girl who once wished for a birthday party of her own has become a part of every Beverly's Birthday celebration.

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Megs Yunn, Executive Director and Founder of Beverly's Birthdays