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When There's a Will, There's a Way

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July 12, 2018 | By Blueprints

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Some say that “the best parents get promoted to grandparents.”  However, when families are struggling with substance abuse problems, sometimes Grandma and Grandpa must take on the many responsibilities of Mom and Dad.  Emotionally, physically, and mentally, it can be a lot to handle.  Especially for little guys like William.

At only five years old, William had already been through a lot.  Growing up in a home with parental addiction was taking its toll on him.  He joined the Blueprints Foster Care program (formerly Community Action Southwest) last March and was placed with his paternal grandparents, Melanie and John.  The couple tried their very best to help William adjust to the big changes in his life, but the situation was rocky.

It didn’t take long before Melanie and John realized that William’s behavior was getting out of control.  Right as they were starting to feel overwhelmed, these grandparents made a call to Blueprints.

Stacey, a Blueprints caseworker, visited their home and helped Melanie and John work through their emotions.  Together, they determined what resources they needed and their next steps.  Then, Stacey reached out to Washington County’s Children and Youth Services to coordinate help from a behavioral specialist who could help William deal with his trauma and behavioral issues.

Within a month, William had already made tremendous progress.  A tight bond with Melanie and John was forming.  As time passed, these grandparents decided the best decision was to make William a permanent part of their family.  He was successfully adopted this past April.    Thanks to the help of Blueprints, Melanie, and John were able to transform a challenging situation into a stable support system for a little boy who deserved a fresh start.