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My Journey with Genesis

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June 10, 2019 | By Danielle Conrad

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For many years, I was lost, confused, and scared. I would express these emotions with anger and violence. I often found myself going in and out of jail. I used my difficult childhood, which was full of physical and sexual abuse, as an excuse to abuse drugs and alcohol, cause chaos, and lie to get what I wanted.

After years of living a destructive lifestyle, I knew I needed to change. This would be the beginning of my struggle to get and stay clean and sober. I attended therapy, went to Narcotics Anonymous/Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, and met the man I would marry.

In 2016, we learned I was pregnant. We were feeling a whirlwind of emotions as we started preparing for this blessing. We could not wait for the day when we would learn the baby’s gender. But, during that exam, we also learned something else. Our daughter suffered from a rare condition called encephalocele, which meant she wasn’t properly developing. We felt powerless and heartbroken. It was so difficult to accept the fact we would never get the chance to raise her.

I had first heard of Genesis around that time, but put it out of my mind after the loss of my daughter. It wasn’t until 2018, when my now-husband and I discovered I was pregnant for the second time, that I was able to take advantage of this wonderful program. I was scared and apprehensive, but I started attending the classes they offered: CPR and First Aid, parenting, and nutritional classes.

Each class was interesting and beneficial, and the staff was helpful and caring. I didn't feel judged. These ladies love what they do and it shows. They respect you and your situation. They became a strong support system for me. I can never express my gratitude for what they did for me and my family.

Now, I'm a mother to a beautiful, healthy baby girl who will soon be five months. I am three years clean and sober. I love myself and my life today, and each day I strive to be a better person than I was the day before. I have many people to thank for their love and support through this journey, and the Washington County Genesis office is one of those.