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It Takes a Village

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June 10, 2019 | By Cherie Sears

Village Bus

When Carter’s mother drops him off at The Village, she knows he’s in good hands. It’s difficult to entrust your child into the care of others, but Carter’s mother doesn’t have to worry about her son when she’s attending classes.

The Village has all the licenses and accreditations a preschool can obtain, and The Village staff have outstanding credentials as teachers and educators. Many of them are also parents. They care about each and every child under their supervision. “The genuine care and love that the entire staff provides to my son is nothing short of overwhelming,” Carter’s mother said.

When Carter is dropped off at The Village, he’s excited and eager to play and learn with his friends and teacher. The students grow intellectually, but they also learn about fun, creativity, kindness, tolerance, respect, and love. Carter can count to seven, knows all his colors, and his language development has “skyrocketed” according to his mother.

Carter first began attending The Village when he was only an infant and has grown into a bright and bubbly little boy who is ready to succeed in kindergarten and in life. His mother, like many others with children there, relies on The Village to care for Carter while she finishes her college degree. She works hard in hopes of providing a better life for her son. She knows that he’s in a safe, nurturing environment where Carter will not only learn his A, B, C’s, but also his please-and-thank-you’s, and how to be a good friend. When she picks him up after a busy day, Carter talks all evening long about his friends, how much he loves his teacher, and how excited he is to go to school again tomorrow, “Just like mommy!”