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Grow, Grow, Grow!

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May 30, 2018 | By Washington County Community Foundation

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What do the words “Tiny Tim” and “library” have in common?

If you are thinking of Charles Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol, it is likely you haven’t been to the Fredericktown Area Public Library.

Thanks to a special outdoor program held in June, the library’s four, five, and six-year-old patrons know that “Tiny Tim” is a type of tomato.  What’s more, these little green thumbs could also tell you how to care for your garden – in song.

For the past 10 years, the Fredericktown Area Public Library has partnered with the Greene County Master Gardener Program on the Tiny Tim Tomato Program in an effort to get families interested in learning how to care for plants.

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Much like a traditional “story hour,” the Tiny Tim Tomato Program helps these little ones dig into some great reads including Mortimer’s First GardenInch by Inch, and Plant the Tiny Seed.  A number of catchy songs about how seeds grow are also sung.  Then, with the help of the Master Gardeners, these tiny agricultural enthusiasts will receive their very own tomato plants and learn how to care for them at home.  Since the plants are small, they can be easily grown in a container.  Snacking on the tomatoes is also encouraged.

“The kids really enjoy digging in the dirt . . .  After participating, some have even been inspired to help care for their family gardens,” remarked Theda Diethorn, Fredericktown Area Public Library Interim Director.  With some more great information from the library and a little patience, it is possible these Tiny Tim Tomato participants will grow into a crop of first-rate gardeners.

"I’ll plant a little seed in the dark ground,

Out comes the yellow sun, big and round!

Down comes the cool rain, soft and slow,

Up comes the little seed,

Grow, grow, grow!"