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Going for Gold

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June 10, 2019 | By Quimber Nutter


AJ had always dreamed of earning a medal. He had a passion for sports and loved participating in athletic competitions.

With determination, AJ would strive to do his best in every game that he played. However, he wasn’t sure if he would every have a chance to get the prize he most desired.

Then one day, he got a very special call. Could it be true?

AJ was invited to compete in a state-level game of floor hockey at the Special Olympics Indoor Winter Games in York, PA. Soon, his dream would be a reality!

Although he was a little nervous, AJ was also very excited about this new experience.

Throughout the competition, AJ had the opportunity to meet other athletes from across the state. They had a lot in common, especially a love of sports, so it was easy for him to build lasting friendships with his teammates.

“I got to be the banner carrier, compete at floor hockey, and go to a dance,” AJ proudly said.

But that wasn’t all. And at the end of the competition, AJ took home his very first gold medal.

AJ can’t wait to try even more sports this year, like long distance running, walking, and powerlifting. He explained, “Being a part of Special Olympics makes me proud and happy that I can do stuff. I want people to know that it is a fun thing to do and I know that I am included in something big.”