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Frank's Back

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August 24, 2018 | By Mon Valley YMCA

Franco 2

For many, walking in the fresh air, socializing, and relaxing all contribute to the enjoyment of golf.

Frank Ruffolo spent the majority of his life playing this sport . . . until September 2016. What began as just another beautiful day on the green was only the beginning of Frank’s problems.

“I was hitting an 8 iron and the pain shot down my leg from my left hip. I couldn’t walk for two to three minutes,” he stated.

Frank tried to continue to play but couldn’t. Even trying to putt was too painful. Frank thought rest might help to heal his back. But, when his problem continued, he sought professional help. “My doctor suggested physical therapy for three weeks. The pain subsided slightly, but it never fully went away.”

The next step was an MRI. The results showed that Frank had spinal stenosis, a narrowing of the bone channel occupied by the spinal nerves. His doctor suggested a spinal epidural – otherwise, an operation would be needed.

Instead, Frank, a long-time member of the Mon Valley YMCA, decided to focus on a fitness program for his back. “I stayed active by going to the YMCA three to four times a week,” he remarked.

Frank’s routine consisted of stretching as well as using machines that focused on the hamstrings and quads. He also rode the stationary bike.

After a year of consistent workouts at the Y and a lot of stretching, Frank is now pain free.  

Frank remarked, “I attribute my current good health to the Y.”