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For the Love of Little Lake

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October 25, 2020 | By Kathy DeBlassio

Little Lake
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My journey at Little Lake Theatre literately began at the “ground level.” In 1998, I started weeding the flowerbed. Today, I am board president. Once proving my gardening proficiencies, I moved indoors and on to higher levels of responsibilities including: clean-up crew, event organizer, volunteer coordinator, prop seeker, box office support, fundraiser, liaison with schools, and assistant in the apprentice program. As I look back, my prevailing feeling is that Little Lake has offered me so much more than I have given.

Over the years, I have frequently heard people refer to Little Lake Theatre as a “community gem.” I think people say that because, at Little Lake, all are welcome and feel they belong no matter their generation, profession or social and economic standing. People just come together here and soon find themselves part of a supportive family creating art for their community.

Each year Little Lake Theatre serves close to 20,000 patrons, children, students and volunteers and over 200 non-professional adults, teens, and kids perform and another 250+ volunteers work in various roles. More than 1,700 actors, almost exclusively volunteers, have stood upon our stage in the over 1,000 productions presented in the past 71 seasons. These numbers tell us that Little Lake offers something very special to the community.

There are so many things I find inspiring about Little Lake Theatre. I see devoted local talent on and off the stage, delight in the eyes of a young child taking the stage for the first time and the enjoyment of grandmas and grandchildren continuing to attend because Little Lake has become a treasured family tradition.

I guess these are the reasons I have continued to be motivated and dedication over all these years. It has been my honor to contribute to the community by being part of Little Lake for these past 30 years. Like so many others, I believe that our community is much richer because of its existence.