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Domestic Violence Survivors Never Have to Stand Alone

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October 25, 2020 | By Kathy Tirimacco

Domestic Violence Services
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When Kathy was in school, she dreamed of becoming a lawyer. She wanted to go into malpractice, and was specifically interested in being an advocate for women.

Today, Kathy is retired after an accomplished career serving her community in a different field, nursing. But part of her dream has come true, the part about being an advocate for women.

As a volunteer Counselor and Legal Advocate, Kathy has been there for numerous clients as they go before judges to face the person who abused them. She makes it her priority to stand right next to her clients as evidence of her support.

“The judges always ask our clients if they are in fear of their life, and it’s not easy to answer that question standing up there by yourself when everyone is watching,” said Kathy. “I don’t let them stand up there alone.”

Kathy shared the story of a distraught young mother seeking a Protection from Abuse Order. With legal custody of her newborn, the mother was terrified when the father abducted the child. Kathy advocated with the judge on the mother's behalf to ensure the baby was safely returned the mother's arms.

“Studies show it can take as many as seven times for a domestic violence survivor to leave,” Kathy said. “That’s why I stand with them, so they know they are supported.” Over her 11 years as a volunteer, Kathy has helped numerous clients and their children through extremely difficult situations. DVSSP is grateful to Kathy for her advocacy and the impact she makes every day in the lives of survivors across Washington County.