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Compassion When It's Needed Most

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June 10, 2019 | By Marc Scott

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Olivia was special.  

Her father Marc remembers one Christmas when she spent money that she had earned herself on gifts for an Angel Tree child. Olivia specifically chose one she thought no one else would.

The gesture was especially moving because Olivia was only a child herself.

Those who knew Olivia Scott describe her as a vibrant, ambitious teenager who loved her family, friends, and her life.  Born in December 1991 to Marc and Ann Scott, Olivia grew into a caring and charismatic young lady who delighted in the excitement of Pittsburgh Penguin games and the music of her favorite band, the Clarks.  This member of the National Honor Society was also a skilled athlete, having earned three letters in volleyball and a place on the track team.

In February 2009, doctors discovered that Olivia had a large tumor in her liver. Throughout her fight, Olivia demonstrated incredible strength and remarkable courage.

To honor her memory, Olivia's family and friends strive to help youth and families through the Olivia Scott Foundation (OSF). 

In addition to annual scholarships and encouraging sportsmanship, the OSF engages in compassion giving, which is meant to assist families whose child has experienced a life-threatening or a life-changing situation.

Life-threatening circumstances include someone who may be suffering from cancer, a heart problem, or an incurable disease. While life-altering situations may result from house fire, floor, or even the death of a family member. To date, 56 families have been helped through these efforts.

And, in a variety of ways, the charity also supports organizations that care for youth.

Annually, OSF provides Christmas stockings filled with toys to patients at Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh in Olivia’s name.

It’s just one small act of kindness inspired by an extraordinary girl who was once a Christmas angel herself.