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Cinch's Story

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February 20, 2018 | By Low Cost Spay Neuter Washington County


Cinch - stuck in bag handles

It's December 30, 2017 on a Saturday night. The snow is blowing sideways and there is already 4 inches on the ground. The temperature with the wind chill factor is hovering at zero and the call comes.

There is a black cat in an alley behind Hawthorne Street in Canonsburg that is very skinny. A neighbor has watched it for a few days going in and out of garbage cans looking for food, but he notices there is something white that is tightly around the cat's middle. It is so tight that the cat isn't walking like it should. This cat needs to be caught.

A trap is set on the porch of the man who reported it, but the food is freezing in a matter of 15 minutes so dry food is put down instead. At 10:15 pm, our little cat is in the trap. He is so hungry he doesn't even notice that the door has shut behind him. I gather him up and take him to my house. My husband meets me at the door and while I am getting gloves and preparing to handle a feral cat, my husband reaches in with scissors and cuts the cords from the cat.


Cinch - 5 weeks later

It turns out the cords were shopping bag handles and the cat is friendly. Poor thing. A few days later, he is neutered and vaccinated and has a complete medical workup. He is given the name Cinch because he was so tightly cinched around the waist by the handles of a bag.

Fix Ur Cat is an all-volunteer group whose primary mission is to provide access to low cost spays and neuters for cats. However, we very often find hard luck cases like Cinch's which we can't turn away. Fix Ur Cat paid for Cinch's neutering and medical care.

Posters are hung and the word is put out on Facebook about this little black cat who must have belonged to someone at one time, but no one claims him. So he is staying with a Fix Ur Cat volunteer along with many other rescued cats from Canonsburg.

Now all we need to do is find him a really good indoor home. If you would like more information about adopting Cinch or would like to make a contribution towards his care, please contact us at 724-503-8523 or visit us on the web at www.fixurcat.org.