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All in a Day's Work

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June 05, 2018 | By Transitional Employment Consultants

Jp And Pam Tec

JP has held five different jobs in the past year.  His mother is thrilled.

In a small brick building on Central Avenue in Washington, high school students and adults with disabilities are learning important skills that will help them to become productive members of our community with the help of Transitional Employment Consultants (TEC).

At the core of its programming, TEC aims to teach its participants valuable employment skills like résumé building and successful interviewing.  Real-world training is also provided.  The goal is to enable each client to secure and maintain long-term competitive employment.

Since graduating from high school last year, JP has worked at different businesses in different industries including: Three Saints Baking Company, Presbyterian Senior Care, Simmons Farm, the Canonsburg Shop ‘N Save, and Sarris Candies.  The positions were made available as part of TEC’s Community Based Vocational Instruction Program.  The program provides local high school students with disabilities the opportunity to gain work experience and skills through volunteering at different community sites.  A team of Job Coaches helps to provide feedback and hands-on training.

“JP needs a lot of support, and TEC has been able to place him in jobs where he got that support,” remarked his mother, Pam.

While in the program, JP discovered a gift for writing and interviewing his fellow students.  TEC encouraged his talent and helped him to create a newsletter for the agency.  The publication has been a big hit with both the TEC students and staff.

In the meantime, JP will continue working towards his goal of gaining a permanent position.

Kendra Casella, Executive Director of TEC, stresses the importance of their work for clients like JP: “It’s more than just job searching, we are changing lives.”