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A Home with a Hero

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July 25, 2018 | By Pet Search

Roxi Easter

In the middle of winter, Roxie was living on the streets of Jefferson Hills. She was cold. She was hurt. And, she was scared.

A kind police officer found her. He could see she was suffering, so he immediately took her to Animal Control for medical attention. The staff there discovered that Roxie’s collar was deeply embedded into her neck. Carefully and gently, the collar was removed and the wound was cleaned and sutured.

Although her immediate medical needs had been addressed, Roxie would require special love and attention in the days ahead. So, a call was made to Pet Search, an all-volunteer animal rescue and placement service.

For more than 30 years, Pet Search has offered assistance to hundreds of stray, injured, and unwanted animals in need. Without hesitation, they agreed to help Roxie.

Roxy With Her New Dad Patrick

In addition to the suffering her wound had caused, Roxie was malnourished and abused. Pet Search placed her with a patient and loving foster family who could guide her through the healing process. Slowly, Roxie gave her caretakers her trust. Day by day, her wound improved. Below the surface, Roxie’s soul also began to heal.

In time, Roxie was ready for adoption. But a special dog like Roxie deserved a special family.

And, who better to take her into his heart than the same police officer who had saved her life? There aren’t many dogs who get the privilege of making their home with their hero.