Washington Area Humane Society Stories

Grace Cropped


The Gift of Grace

June 10, 2019 | By Kelly Proudfit | Washington Area Humane Society

The crate was hot and cramped. Gracie, a tan dog with a white chest and white toes, huddled unhappily inside. Occasionally, the sound of footsteps outside made her head perk up with hope – maybe she would be let out of the crate, or at least fed and given some water. But Gracie was ignored, and she began to grow weak.

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Volker's Story

May 31, 2017 | By Dorothy Tecklenburg | Washington Area Humane Society

A huge dog with a major injury. Those are the two strikes Volker, the Great Dane mix, had against him when he arrived at the Washington County Humane Society with a broken leg. His injury was so severe, the staff had to act fast or he would die.

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